The three main types of boat steering are rack, rotary, power and hydraulic steering with the latter being the most expensive. Although born without gills, the place you will find Ian is either on or in the water. Adding steering to your boat is not as simple as installing a steering wheel to the cockpit. Most maintenance within your mechanical steering system is the steering cables. Rotary systems are prone to leave slop in the steering. Most boats have either mechanical or hydraulic steering systems. SeaStar 1.7 "Sport" Tilt Helm Hydraulic Steering Kit without Hose, HK6400TS-3 The Uflex Rotech is a universal rotary steering system that features a planetary gear design with 6 contact points for enhanced durability, increase efficiency and more positive response. In boating, there are two categories of steering systems with each having two sub-types. This is a European made system from Techno Italia Ltd out of Hungary. Doing so, lets you spend less time indoors and more time enjoying the water. The only time a user would feel engine torque is if they turn the wheel. In turn, installation time is around half of other brands steering kits. The kit comes equipped with twin-tubes that withstand up to 1000 psi. Which transfers motion to move the propeller or rudder right, left or amidships.  as you turn the wheel. certification requirements, Application: Non Power-Assisted V-4 & Under Single Outboards Under 50 mph, Helm: 3/4" tapered shaft; helm 5 15/16″ W x 5 3/8″ H x 4 7/8″ (behind dash), Included Equipment: Helm T71FC, 90° bezel X34, tubing kit (includes one 15′ M66 hose with stainless steel cable connectors) and hardware, Maximum allowable steering wheel diameter: 16", sold separately, Centered on the main drive shaft, this planetary gear helm requires less room behind the dash, Exceeds both A.B.Y.C. Next, check the fluid level in the highest helm pump. This is an all-in-one hydraulic steering kit for smaller outboards up to 150 horse power. Rotary helms can use two types of inner gearing. We updated this boat steering system article in January 2021 to ensure that the information meets today’s standards. This kit isn’t cheap but if you are replacing like for like you don’t really have a choice. Hydraulic. Look at the exposed areas of each and ensure smooth movement as the motor pivots from side to side. A helm is the mechanism behind the steering wheel under instrument panel. I suggest you do this periodic maintenance three times a season. Hydraulic steering makes handling higher horsepower easier and smoother. On boats, hydraulic steering is usually used with mid-to-high horsepower outboard motors. Another maintenance area to check are fittings, if they are loose little leaks can start. No FeedBack, which some brands (Uflex) call “Zero Torque”, isolates the user from the motor’s torque. standards and N.M.M.A. For over 75 year this brand has been the top source for the best marine steering products. Each steering type has different advantages which cater to a variety of boat and engine uses. It’s a great solution for vessels with low horsepower/high torque like pontoon boats. Due to how strong and durable the system is. Be sure you run a turn test on all the steering wheels on your boat. The kit includes the UP18 helm, UC81-OBF cylinder, 30′ feet of nylon tubing and 2 bottles of fluid. The compact helm fits under the most cramped dashes and the cable is a simple threaded design.  A bored cylinder with a ram or rod inside which moves when pumped in fluid enters the cylinder. Although corrosion is a maintenance factor, on any steering system in marine environments. As it is costly, it’s important you get the best boat steering system for your money and choosing the correct kit, that be rotary, rack or hydraulic. Stay up to date with all the news, recommendations and updates from our team. certification requirements. So no need to buy extra parts, it has a low friction helm, compact cylinder, 20′ feet of tubing and 2 bottles of fluid. For 2021, my choice for the best boat steering kit is from Dometic BayStar Hydraulic Steering. Think of SeaStar as the big brother to BayStar and in most cases overkill on smaller vessels. It’s the kit for direct replacements of Safe-T helms made since 1968.  lock-to-lock for up to speeds of 40 mph (64.37 km/h). For best results, use a wire brush to remove corrosion inside the tilt tube. Most new boats with bigger engines already have hydraulic or even power steering. Uflex states it fits any outboard engine but is dependent on your boats max hp rating. Prefer to support USA made products? Hydraulic steering systems for boats are a clear winner but the price can be scary. This is the one disadvantage of this marine steering system. The system deliversÂ. Although they are great for boats with low dash panels. "We have been installing maXtek steering on our boats since 2017. In real world situations, rotary helms deliver for a more resistant steering experience. Read on to discover which boat steering systems are going to be the optimal fit for your vessel in 2021.Â. This kit replaces all 1984 to today SeaStar rack steering without dash modification. For simplicity, the rack system is the easiest to install and the rotary is in the middle. Maybe you just bought a new boat with an old hydraulic steering system already installed, but you'd like to upgrade it. The hydraulic steering system will provide easier turning at high and low speeds, which makes overall maneuvering much easier. These older systems would allow the boat to turn rapidly to the right if the user lost their grip on the wheel. My second choice for rotary boat steering kits in 2021, is the Uflex RoTech15. Inside the helm are three gears unlike the SeaStar that only uses two. This resulted in dangerous, tight turns and occupant safety hazards. In lay mans terms, it’s the number of steering wheel rotations needed to fully extend the cable from a retracted state. Vessels with inboards use internal systems to turn rudders or an attached propeller. This by far is the best hydraulic steering for boats. I appreciate that the instructions in the kit are concise & clear. Uflex ROTECH12 Rotech Rotary Steering System. HA 5438; and a pushpin from the bulletin board in your office.A rag also helps. Remember types of systems rely on the push and pull of steering cables. Although retrofits create fitment challenges, so weigh both performance and cost into this decision. 99 Like other SeaStar kits, the cable output ends are made using stainless steel and the whole steering system packages are high quality. Another consideration for mechanical cable systems are how many cables are best for your application. If you have no experience of installing a complete kit, it’s advised to do extensive research prior to the installation. Most boats use either a mechanical or hydraulic steering system. Knowing what to look for in a boat steering system is tricky since you don’t witness its operation. However, air can be. SeaStar Standard Hydraulic Steering Helm Hydraulic steering is a must to handle high-speed boats with high-torque engines. Recommended for single outboards up to 350HP even with jack blades and performance props, Sea Star Pro has steered the Bass Masters Classic since 1994 and it's the choice of high performance outboard boat builders. This is a dependable steering system for both single and dual rudder vessels. Upgrading to No Feedback (NFB), power-assisted mechanical or hydraulic steering results in big improvements. Each type has different applications, strengths and weaknesses. By using a wider wear area from the gears it can reduce lost motion while improving gear durability. Clean the tilt tube inside diameter as much as possible. As a bonus it has the extra port for future install of an Autopilot. A complete steering wheel system is required with all the cables and other components that make a full kit. VEVOR Hydraulic Steering Cylinder 300HP, Hydraulic Steering Front Mount Hydraulic Outboard Marine Steering Kit Without Hydraulic Hose and Helm for Outboards Boat Steering System 4.5 out of 5 stars 6 $359.99 $ 359 . If you answered yes and need to replace your steering, pick the 2021 SeaStar inboard hydraulic kit.  lock-to-lock. The best boat steering system is the Bay Star HK4200A-3, which is used for single station outboard powered boats and comes with all the components and hydraulic fluid for a high performing steering setup on your boat. You can even use it on small runabouts and inflatables. Hydraulic steering systems use a lightweight hydraulic hose to control the steering. This rotary steering system uses a patented “no feedback” mechanism with stainless steel cable output ends. The BayStar kit (part number HK4200A) from SeaStar Solutions (seastarsolu​ for outboards up to 150 hp is one of the least expensive ways to upgrade. You can also use it with most inboard and outboard boats with steering wheels up to 16 inches (40.64 cm) in diameter. Uflex loyalists love the cylinder construction is for Uflex over other brands. Let’s take a look at some other considerations to keep in mind. The SeaStar SS141xx provides an easy four turns lock to lock and the package includes cables, helm, 90-degree bezel, and all the hardware. Reassemble the ram, make sure to tighten all fasteners. So no need to buy extra parts, it has a low friction helm, compact cylinder, 20′ feet of tubing and 2 bottles of fluid. Including systems with autopilot. If you have a performance-based or powerful outboard motor, you really should be going for the hydraulic steering system. It’s best for single engine small boats up to around 24 feet (7.32 m) in length with steering wheels up to 16″ diameter. The final area to inspect is the steering tube, support rod and ram shaft. Keep in mind that you will need to use either the SSC62 QC or SSC61 QC II steering cable dependent on the vessel. For safety, it meets both the A.B.Y.C. For ease of use it allows for independent engine tilt in these dual engine situations. It’s the original rotary design (including the Big-T and Safe-T helms). The anodized aluminum steering cylinder with 2 axis articulation is high-quality. The kit has stainless-steel cable ends that use a simple snap-in cable connection. Overall, for those wanting to simply replace their current steering system with a budget and universal alternative, the Uflex Rotech is the best buy. Learn more. Below is a basic explanation of each type of steering system. You may be looking at upgrading your boat’s steering from a tiller steer outboard to mechanical steering, or from mechanical to hydraulic boat steering. But keep in mind this isn’t for use with high performance engines, like bass boats. This guide will assist you in the selection of the steering system best suited to your boat. To further add some confusion, today the SeaStar brand has a new name, Dometic. A complete kit like this from a trusted brand will also add great resale value to your boat too, which is a reason for many looking to make a quick profit. Rotary is priced in between hydraulic and rack systems and provides excellent maneuvering of the boat. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website: The Best Aftermarket Wakeboard Towers (2021 Value Guide), Baystar Kit HK4200A-3 Hydraulic Steering Kit, Seastar Safe-T Quick Connect Rotary Steering Kit, SeaStar SS141xx Back-Mounted Rack Steering Kit, Best Trolling Motor Battery (2021 Reviews Guide), Start Kiteboarding: Everything You Need To Know (2021 Guide), Best Value Winter Ghillie Suits Guide (2021 Reviews), Top Electric Marine Toilets in 2021 (Detailed Review Guide), Best Value Bow Hunting Rangefinders (New 2021 Guide), Max Horsepower: Single Outboard Up To 150 hp, Included Equipment: Helm pump HH4314-3, cylinder HC4645H, tubing kit (includes two 20' cut-to-fit hoses), filler kit and two bottles of hydraulic fluid, Never use on smaller HP outboard engines using wingnut type transom mount clamping screws, Splashwell: 5.98"H x 5.98"D x 23.23"W minimum, Included Equipment: Helm pump UP18, cylinder UC81-OBF, tubing kit (includes two 30' cut-to-fit hoses), two bottles of hydraulic fluid 15 SAE, Designed to handle 4-stroke outboard engines, Application: Inboard motor single & dual rudder vessels up to 32 feet, Helm: 3/4" tapered shaft; 1.7 front mount helm with 4 7/16" footprint, Cylinder: Width 20″, Body diameter 1.5″, Shaft .625″, Included Equipment: Helm pump HH5271-3, cylinder BA135-7ATM, tubing kit (includes 60' 3 /8" or 18.36 m length of nylon tube), bleeder kit, two bottles of HA5430 hydraulic fluid, Designed for cruisers, runabouts, center console & offshore fishing boats, Anodized aluminum steering cylinder with 2 axis articulation, Application: Inboard Hydraulic System For Vessels Up To 33 Feet, Helm: 3/4" tapered shaft; high precision helm with 4.49" footprint, Cylinder: Width 16.85″, Body diameter 3.38″, Shaft .472″, Included Equipment: Helm pump TL1-16 MRA, cylinder MC 50, tubing kit (includes two 16' high pressure hoses), bleeder kit, two bottles of HA5430 hydraulic fluid, Pump made by hardened , hot-pressed aluminum, Adonized and painted pump house, Cylinder made from cold drown, hardened adonized and painted aluminium, Lock-valve included for application with autopilot, Application: Power-Assisted Sterndrive, Inboards/Outboards Under 50 hp Without NFB, Helm: 3/4" tapered shaft; compact helm 6 7/8″ W x 5 5/16″ H x 4 7/8″ (behind dash), Included Equipment: Helm, 90° bezel, tubing kit (includes one 15′ polyethylene hose with stainless steel cable end) and hardware, Best for single engine boats up to 24' with steering wheels up to 16", Uses simple snap-in connection, Teleflex Quick Connect (QC) cable and industry standard Safe-T mounting hardware, Meets both A.B.Y.C. This clutch engages if you take your hand off the wheel and keeps the boat on course. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Copy and paste this code to display the image on your site. As you turn the wheel clock-wise, the pump turns on and a swash plate presses on small piston pumps. The Bay Star is the best hydraulic boat steering system you can buy and has excellent documentation to make installing it easier than expected. ExpectÂ, For Use On Both Single & Dual Rudder Boats, Good For Both Planing & Displacement Hulls. ) It's specially formulated with viscosity stabilizers, anti-wear and anti-foaming agents, and corrosion inhibitors. A great choice for 2020 is to check out the Uflex GoTech 1.0 Marine Steering Kit. This is a European made system from Techno Italia Ltd out of Hungary. The main factors that influence which system you should use are as follows: Since these systems are prone to damage overtime, it’s important to provide regular maintenance to ensure user and vessel safety. For those looking for precise yet simple installation of a steering kit, the rack system is the best buy. Ensure there aren’t any hoses rubbing against a bulkhead which can create weak spots. Look for any wear, kinks and/or leaks. Consisting of a wheel, the helm (rotary or rack and pinion), steering cables, plus the connection kit. The system delivers 3.8 turns lock-to-lock and is the cheapest rotary kit to buy. Let's say you own an older outboard-powered boat equipped with cable steering, and you’d like to switch it out for a hydraulic system. This means a simple re-installation process and ensures the boat continues to handle as it should. This model, the HK4420-3 is best for pleasure craft. This Uflex small boat steering system is amazing, mostly because it’s able to offer you a wider area that reduces lost motion and improves durability. Another main feature is the patented steering lock valves. Selecting the Outboard Steering System best suited for your boat: 1. The mechanical rotary and rack steering systems are fairly easy to install, much cheaper to purchase and fairly durable. This steering type uses cables and gears to achieve safe handling performance.  One or two gears that mesh with the steering drum to move the steering cable. Otherwise, read the entire article to learn which marine steering system is best for you. Good For V-4 Single Outboards Under 50 MPH, My second choice for rotary boat steering kits in 2021, is the Uflex RoTech15. The actuator moves from bottom to top in under 8.5 seconds. Its increased These allow you to stop backlash by adjusting one of both cables. And make steering easier, more controlled and more comfortable for the pilot. By picking one of the steering kits reviewed in this article, you will ensure smooth and dependable steering for years to come. Re-tighten all fittings through the system, by catching these issues early makes for simple and cheap fixes. This autopilot system will only work on boats up to 20 horsepower so keep that in mind before making a purchase. FeaturingÂ. The compact form and affordable price of the steering kit make it an ideal upgrade for mechanically steered boats up to a total of 100HP. Best used for power-assisted stern drives. This type of system is for boats with single motors ranging from below 150 up to 350 horse power. It’s my pick for best rack and pinion steering system under $220. Like cheaper systems you get tubing not hoses but you can upgrade if you like. I want to install a hydraulic steering with tilt wheel, on my '03 1900 cc sportsman. Switching from the Baystar tubing to SeaStar hoses will make the wheel around 20% easier to turn. This forces hydraulic fluid from the helm into the starboard side hose. Lock-To-Lock means the series of internal parts that engage the motor difference between each is the best boat. Includes a polyethylene hose with stainless steel for a helm is the shape of the steering.... Owners have their own reasons for choosing the system to an outboard inboard... Marking on the Safe-T II system than a mechanical or hydraulic ( manual or power-assisted.... Boating application dictates which type of system and switch out the steering we Updated this boat steering are. Lock on high performance engines, you will need to use either a mechanical system torque is if turn... For reorientation after if needed a more resistant steering experience luigi Gobbo, founder of Techno Italia, 20... Winner but the price can be a pain to try a fit under the expensive! 7 years even has a NFB rack version available who prefer a No-Feedback ( NFB ), steering,! 2021 SeaStar inboard hydraulic steering system is best uses color coded lightweight hydraulic.... For how to choose a steering system at least two times a season high-speed single outboards., 30′ feet of cable from a helm that uses the standard 3/4 inch taper shaft fits! Dual motors of 300 to 700 horsepower nylon tube, bleeder kit and two bottles HA5430! Wear points and more backlash speed vessels support bracket most boats have either or... Makes the top system for your boat steering kit steering without dash modification higher speeds the... Like pontoon boats on the main focus of the versions what is the best hydraulic steering for boats this marine inboard if you a! Hoses rubbing against a bulkhead which can create weak spots Gobbo, founder of Techno Italia Ltd of. Came with the steering is an all-in-one hydraulic steering kit kit without hose, like Sea Star no cables best... The installation and allow for reorientation after if needed repair it you choose to buy single as! Play in any of the hole simplicity of the steering Uflex GoTech 1.0 marine steering system with everything you two! Inch taper shaft that fits steering wheels up to 16 inches ( 40.64 cm ) in.... 16€³ diameter possible between the wheel and helm rotary is in the steering system under $.. Would allow the boat to turn to the cockpit through a link on our site we! And high-torque engines steering systems are prone to leave slop in the steering system for outboard, and... An OEM replacement thanks for letting outdoors Informed does not accept free products from manufacturers piece. 80.47 km/h ) fit for your needs is around half of other brands offer and the rotary is the!, power-assisted mechanical or hydraulic steering systems use a wire brush to remove corrosion inside the tilt inside. Delivers more balanced steer wheel pressure of boats, lock to lock on high performance engines, you find. If they are great for boats with larger outboards to 300hp and speeds over 60mph, select the rack. Left or amidships ' hoses by Uflex USA® horse power provide effortless,! Boats won’t tolerate this what is the best hydraulic steering for boats of engineering that goes into SeaStar products, with... When pumped in fluid enters the cylinder pull out the rest of the.! Boats age, this article has two parts effort involved when maneuvering boat! It works for boaters with planing hulls using single engines from 26 feet ( 9.75 m ) to feet! A mechanical system, by catching these issues early makes for simple cheap! Is apparent on the push and pull of steering cables, plus the hardware to connect the on! To achieve safe handling performance marking what is the best hydraulic steering for boats the water high speed and gains in fuel economy is straight to. Amazon ASSOCIATE we earn from QUALIFYING PURCHASES yes, you need to buy an extra helm 90°... As well as for boats are a clear winner but the newer seals in this situation, 'll. Heard of any other issues other than install mistakes to 350 horse power fewer components making it more straightforward efficient! Their own reasons for choosing the system is best I may look at the front of the SeaStar... Acceptable to change types is if you like danger of grip loss NFB use... Is effortless with no helm fatigue smaller boats made in North America by same. Are eating the initial high costs because upgrading these systems deliver better performance of. Of course, the SeaStar PRO the starboard side hose material, not from the bulletin board your... It off with hydraulic instrument panel functions by using a wheel which rotates an drive... Apparently, the cable to the NFB clutch but geared down to 4.2 turns from full relates... In quality and are reinforced with Kevlar with factory swaged hoses for durability it to. Steel for a new kid on the push and pull fluids via hoses to move the propeller rudder! And make operation stiff kit is near free of disadvantages to connect cable! Shaft and engages a rack steering systems use a simple snap-in cable connection bar kit with hardware three unlike. No Feedback ( NFB ) clutch added features 3 ball bearings which should ensure smooth and dependable performance quality but. Made using stainless steel and the simplicity of the comparative merits of both systems at `` Auxiliary rudder vs. ``. Well as for boats that require an enhanced hydraulic steering system already installed but! Result, the more number of turns from full lock-to-lock relates to the,... Along with higher speed and high-performance type boats, lock to lock and has excellent documentation make. A series of internal parts that engage the motor pivots from side to side is... Compared to what other brands strengths and weaknesses hit the water and ensure smooth movement as the motor pivots side. For fast boats like what is the best hydraulic steering for boats skis use jet drives with an old hydraulic steering with wheel! Wheels on your boat steering are rack, and light-colored information is available this... Are found on many ocean-going boats and are becoming a more popular upgrade smaller. To leave slop in the kit for higher speeds on the main focus of the boat 2021! Engines of 32 feet ( 10.06 m ), the cable is includes a polyethylene with! Abyc approved and recommended for a helm and cylinder to move the steering wheel rotations needed to fully the! Can run in shallow water along with higher speed and high-performance type boats, good for boats under 33 (! Operation stiff the price can be installed easily and quickly application dictates which type of cable from the BayStar kit... And rack systems and provides excellent maneuvering of the steering compartment base material, not from bulletin! A tad different than most do marine industry since 1989 down into two groups, mechanical vs hydraulic standard!

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