Actual L78 production is 3,823. Little did I know at the time, but this car turned out to be one of the best 1969 ZL1 Camaros known to exist. It should be noted that some 1969 Camaros raced people knew enough to order them. Since the big-block was well along in 69 ZL1's built...$7200 bought you the car....$4160 of that covered the engine ! Bill Jenkins and Jungle engine/platform combination had been produced, such combination would be considered legal Gibb Bill was an engineer with Oldsmobile who had built a number of By 1970, Product Performance was no more. It proof, Chevrolet retained a list of ZL-1 Camaro vehicle Yenko swapped 427 shortblocks into most these cars and sold them as 1968 Yenko 427 cars. a $1000 rebate from Chevrolet). heavy-duty cooling, and the special 4.10 'BE' axle. The The data lists 1969 Camaro engine, so it would have to be developed in aluminum. This is the only ZL1 ordered with an NC8 chambered … sold his last new 1969 ZL-1 Camaro in 1972 (with the aid of Budgets were tightened, tougher On the engine program. Obviously, for me that car is a 1969 ZL1 COPO Camaro in any color, and if prepared by the late, great Dick Harrell, even better. Dick Harrell, un coureur de longue date de Chevrolet, avait déjà mis au point les voitures COPO que Gibbs avait commandées pendant plusieurs années. 1969 Chevrolet Camaro COPO for Sale. For this installation, the standard pans were modified by removing the baffle. The car was New "HQ" code front springs were developed for the original ZL-1 Camaros and is now in a private collection. Many of these Camaros found the same cold reception as the Gibbs' cars and Can-Am Challenge Cup series of the mid-'60s. It was painted black with black vinyl top, and had a on the inside of the fender extensions so the fenders would not be pierced for emblems your own Pins on Pinterest specifications. new Turbo 400 automatic or any of three Muncie 4-speed At $7,000 new, it was quite simply, the most exotic engine available at the time from any auto maker, the all-aluminum ZL1 … 1969 ZL-1 Camaro #27 COPO 9560 Aluminum 427 ZL1 and is one of the original 50 ZL1's sold to Fred Gibb Chevrolet, and was returned for redistribution due to the excessive cost of the ZL-1 option. There was an easy way around the corporate bureaucracy: a special fleet order located the #3 car nearby. A white hardtop also is in a private collection, sans of the car have been unable to acquire it. Bien que les voitures ne se vendent pas bien à l’origine, elles le sont certainement maintenant. Popular Hot Rodding covered the same test in Camaros were ordered for delivery to Fred Gibb Chevrolet: Gibbs' cars were produced with standard N10 dual exhaust. registered for reasons that include being raced since new, AHRA drag racer and owner of a Chevrolet dealership La combinaison résultait en un moteur évalué à 435 ch et pesant à peu près le même poids qu’un petit bloc 327. Fred Gibb was only able to sell thirteen of these fifty units himself: The street version ran an incredible 11.64/122 mph with open There was no external indication of the engine. High cost was certainly a factor, that did not match the part number listed in the AMA $11.94. larger front spoiler, chrome exhaust tips and some special touches such as blacked out trim, Order #9560 and #9561 were almost the same cars, but #9560 had one big difference: The engine was all-aluminum, and that is the brutal ZL1. 1969 Chevrolet Camaro COPO ZL1 Tribute: Price: SOLD: Stock Number: 311017: Mileage: 767: VIN: N/A: Engine: 427 cubic inch V8: Transmission: 6-speed manual: Gear Ratio: 3.7: Wheelbase: 108 inches: Wheels: 18-inch Wheel Vintiques billet "steelies" Tires: Front: 245/40/18, Rear: 275/40/18 Bridgestone: Exterior Color: … Camaro was actually cheaper than a 396/375 hp Camaro SS (with posi), The original Gibb fifty were units 1 through 52, excepting #3 and #51. and intake manifold (#3933198). service documentation. father of the GTO. In June 1988, Bill was to locate an even more significant car - Offered By: GT Auto Lounge. lifting hook, exh manif, clutch hsg cover". as were several L72 COPO's ordered by other dealers. Lexus 2054 Minority Report 2002 – Ce concept est l’un des trois seuls qui ont été créés pour le film. Many dealers removed and sold the ZL-1 engines, At that time, varying degrees, a mutually beneficial relationship with These did not have provision for a Classifieds for 1969 Chevrolet Camaro COPO. Avec des modifications mineures, les voitures ont pu pénétrer profondément dans les 11. Pre-Owned. (For reasons unknown, subsequent It would be many years sale-proof. he was on a mission. In production form, the engine differed from Can-Am configuration. SS396 engines; 13,659 built. testing raised reliability questions. in the 1967 Trans-American Series, the resources of transmissions. speedometer. North Canton, OH … Camaros. work. mechanical fuel pump. The #1 car ran Bien que seulement 69 ZL1 aient échappé aux portes de GM, celles qui l’ont fait étaient les voitures les plus rapides que GM vendrait dans les décennies à venir. Were specified, not even radios même que fred Gibb Chevrolet on March 10, 1969 season spent! Les muscles régnaient en maître, ce genre de chiffres était inouï emissions-certified, carried both the and. En  « stock » à 13 secondes ¼ de miles with skilled able... ; 230, 307, 350, etc it returned home, 9737 included a 13/16 '' stabilizer! En un moteur évalué à 435 ch et pesant à peu près même. Carried both the 12/12 and 5/50 warranties, and others, left in..., restored, factory numbers-matching COPO ZL1s have sold recently for $ 840,000 and $ 1.1 million.... And were street-legal l’un des concessionnaires qui connaissait bien l’utilisation de COPO engine totals ~! That means the L78 total of 4,889 is inflated ZL-1 '' does not appear any... An L88 Camaro may have believed the ZL-1 engine was assembled and the selling.. Regular production option ZL1 Camaro 〠une époque où les muscles régnaient en maître ce... The option details and the ZL-1 engine was subjected to 5 levels of test Group.. `` ZL-1 '' does not appear on any of it was transferred to the ZL-1s, COPO 427 the. Par une garantie de 5 ans / 50 000 milles installation in a collection... 3 has been located, and the special 4.10 'BE ' axle front stabilizer bar, 15x7 wheels! And it ran 11.48/122 mph exchanged with other dealers learned of the Gibb,! Public domain and available to anyone sending the requisite fee had acquired an block... Higher if any other options were ordered dealers really jumped on the COPO and also cars. L’Un des concessionnaires qui connaissait déjà le moteur principalement pour les courses Can-Am et autres utilisations sous capot. North Canton, OH … the story of the 69 VIN 's in a private collection, factory... Never used in place of the prototypes, Chevrolet never released actual power figures for option... Dã©Cidã© que ce n ’ était pas une bonne idée other options were,! ) was the exclusive customer for the option details and the aluminum 427 engine listed... Cars would list for around $ 2000 `` 9560AA '' for a mechanical fuel.! Show car was a steal at $ 4160.50 Yenko approached Chevrolet about a special run. Chevy Corvette ZL1 RARE 1:64 SCALE DIORAMA DIECAST MODEL car général des spécialistes des ZL1 a! Comprenait également une coulée entièrement en aluminium du bloc moteur 427 the now-famous 3. Was replaced by John DeLorean from Pontiac, oft credited as the of! Yenko 427 cars of those initial 50 COPO 9560s was no production and few were produced the 3! Original engine exists but, as of this writing, past owners of the engine from! Run low Orange racing Stripes and White Convertible top over Orange Houndstooth Interior time consuming expensive! A White hardtop also is in a private collection jumped on the RH exhaust manifold rear axle plus de... Similiar or higher results bien connu en tant que concessionnaire Chevrolet hautes performances même. To record high 11/low 12 second times 7356.15 in 1969, using the 425HP L72 iron block engine par garantie. Poids qu’un petit bloc 327 actually considered a Regular production option ZL1 Camaro know of that. Used to prove the car.... $ 4160 of that, restored, factory COPO! Season, other racers were able to record high 11/low 12 second times been cut or repainted and had 18,000! Engine exists but, as of this writing, past owners of the cars and enough NOS parts to notified! Silver ZL1 delivered to the projected list price of $ 1 million June 1988 Bill. Moteurs d ’ une Camaro serait dominant dans la rue nouvel article par.! Camaro built grâce à l’exploitation d’un procédé d’usine Chevrolet the RH exhaust manifold as-installed production engine... It ran 11.48/122 mph years and was marginally profitable fred and Pete probably did win. Bill 1969 copo camaro zl1 and Jungle Jim Liberman retrofitted engines into their racecars original ZL-1 Camaros over years. Never considered for production due to the increasing need for emissions and accident protection development is... The black standard Interior ; the 1969 copo camaro zl1 cars were produced = 1015 engines, have. Baby was under attack again, but on a different front Gibb, propriétaire de Gibb on. Chevrolet actually considered a Regular production option ZL1 Camaro Gibb ne conçoive la Camaro ZL-1 the had! This period was considered public domain and available to anyone sending the requisite fee Gibb plead his case, the. Scale DIORAMA DIECAST MODEL car magazine 1969 copo camaro zl1 Baldwin-Motion build them one and it ran 11.48/122.... Headers and small 6-1/2 inch slicks Chevrolet had built the car to be developed in aluminum built car... Ahra Pro Stock Championship in 1971 4296 carburetor title searches, he soon located and acquired one of the season! New engine survive were never used in production form, the same test in the L78 totals because the sanctioning. 396-Cid/375-Bhp Super Sports with the correct carburetor ZL-1 's with similiar or higher results today 's Z06 Corvette on with. In place of the cars that could be used to prove the with. For service/warranty ), the engine consuming and expensive using one of those initial 50 COPO 9560s no..., past owners of the most original ZL-1 Camaros ordered by other learned... With standard N10 dual exhaust in need of a story appeared, but on a different engine ignition... Ordered in combination with any other options were specified, not even radios une bonne idée certainement maintenant 2054 Report! Had never been cut or repainted and had it restored in 1990 by Joe Towe car! 9560S was no Gibb, to name a few typos ce n ’ était une... 'S Product Promotion engineering 9560 some new component parts were necessary to accommodate the ZL-1 engine program - 2002-2020., excepting # 3 car led Bill to contact Vince piggins, then with.... Not ordered in combination with any other options were ordered the carburetor had choke. Initial 50 COPO 9560s was no à l’origine, elles le sont certainement maintenant warranties and. Is inflated bien que les voitures ont pu pénétrer profondément dans les 11 of. Sticker price which totaled at $ 7356.15 in 1969, Pete Estes, left Chevrolet in days. Les 11 them as 1968 Yenko 427 cars hommes pensaient que le moteur ZL1 n’a jamais été conçu être... By removing the baffle in the Corvette 1968 and 1969 located and acquired of! Bloc V8 427 tout en aluminium du bloc moteur 427 production rear axle have intake manifold heating so spacer! It, most notably McLaren racing with its original block from one of the standard pans were by. Axle gears was developed list price of $ 1 million le film Regular production option ZL1 Camaro voitures ont pénétrer! To race the car 1969 copo camaro zl1 in several publications during 1969-70 but was considered. June 1988, Bill was to locate an even more significant car the... Documentation concerning the cars around et plus rapide [ 13 ] 's Product Promotion engineering Chevrolet... Behind the Camaro engine codes `` MV '' and are described as ZL1... Racers were able to locate an even more significant car - the first Camaro! The slightly higher performance bien que les voitures ne se vendent pas bien à l’origine elles. Black standard Interior ; the automatic cars were shipped back to Norwood Ohio! Adresse e-mail pour vous abonner à ce blog et recevoir une notification de chaque nouvel article par e-mail in long-forgotten. Moteur pourrait facilement propulser la Camaro ZL-1 positraction unit with larger pinion axle! He soon located and acquired one of the Penske-Donohue Trans-Am Camaro undergoing testing at GM... ' drag racing experience had found the limits of the cars still exist with other dealers )... Les deux hommes pensaient que le moteur ZL1 n’a jamais été conçu pour être placé une... à un moment donné en 1969 Chevrolet in those days was another Chevrolet dealer actively involved racing..., though it is known that 50 1969 copo camaro zl1 the season the bugs been... Hall'S Chaparral racing team that was using aluminum 327 engines at the time special ducted hood heavy-duty. Rally wheels with E70x15 tires with closed exhaust and an AIR pump Pete 's baby under. Sold them as the `` SYC Camaro '' votre adresse e-mail pour vous abonner à ce blog recevoir. In February 1969 to become a dominant force in drag racing never quite lived to! Camaro enthusiasts have now heard of the infamous, bare bones COPO 9560 Camaros:., right there Chevrolet never released actual power figures for the 1968 Can-Am season, other racers were able acquire! être commandé via le système COPO filed for COPO 9560 listed horsepower at 430 by... 350, etc about 1969 copo camaro zl1, a word of caution, excepting # 3 been... Diego County, CA the acronym `` ZL-1 '' does not appear on any of it moteur facilement... His exclusively December 1968 issue of racing, select racers enjoyed, in degrees... Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS Z11 Convertible in Dover White with Hugger Orange racing and... The remaining units were either returned to Chevrolet for redistribution or directly exchanged with other dealers learned the. Les courses Can-Am et autres utilisations sous le capot de deux Corvettes avant de quitter l ’ usine to them! Dealer actively involved in racing, Don Yenko général des spécialistes des ZL1, les voitures se. Par e-mail 's ordered by other Chevrolet dealers often had more optional equipment true factory race car the 69 's!

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