Quite a run. And it was tops for some 30 years. For nostalgias sake and Price to value ratio, combined with the great old New York Bar ambiance, The Bistro Burger always makes it on my Top 10 List. Happy Sunday, Happy Grammy Day, Happy Valentines Day! I've been eating Cheeseburgers there since 1984. Yes, there are some very fine artists and good music today, but they are "Few and Far Between." We can use a Fun little song about "Your Love For Coffee" and what a Good Friend it can be. I say not. There is quite literally a lot of "Garbage." Well if not the perfect Burger, New York's Best, or at least amongst the Best, everyone has their opinion. The story had no suspense or drama. A question most asked by restaurant professionals in New York who love Tony Bourdain and his minor-masterpiece Kitchen Confidential on the underbelly of the New York Restaurant World and the restaurant scene in general. Instead of a 100 Point ratings system used by the Wine Spectator and others, Gamber Rosso gives their top rated wines Trebicchieri or "Three Glasses" and Two Glasses is very good, the equivalent of a 88 or 89 on the 100 Point Scale. Some not as qualified as others. 3 King Tut exhibit review, Pg. Let's hope so? I made my way into Bar Pitti to visit with my pal Giovanni and Joe The Snake (former NY Boxer). There is no contest for any to compete. In Paperback & Kindle Editions, This Blog is About? “FUCK YOU MITCH” ! One, that one is "Harry's Bar." Big upset!!!! It's absurd. The tree branches laden with snow, the snow falling, and white stuff all around. I've gotta say, I think i like them both equally the same, and all though as everyone know, Godfather III was not that good, most hate it, I know it can not compare to Godfather I and II, Godfather III does have some good points and a couple great elements as well. Followers who are easily brainwashed by companies who know how stupid and foolish many are. The Vanity Fair editor was a regular at Da Silvano's on Sixth Avenue; he and his friends lent the Italian restaurant an allure, which brought a celebrity clientele, and press mentions. I saw him perform 7 times. Walk just 20 feet and you're completely covered with snow. There are Millions of Kids starving in Africa, the World over, living lives of poverty, and this GEEK makes Millions of Dollars a year as a Dorky Talentless, what? And in his role, playing the Crack Addicted Micky Ward, "Christian Bale" has done a phenomenal job. How I Love it. ClLAUDINE is an unreleased song about Claudine Longet. Hot and SEXY in VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA, "MOVE OVER ROVER" Click Here For More JIMI, Official Picture of William and Kate... photo Daniel Bellino Zwicke, CAUSE You JUST SHOULD NOT BE ANYWHERE WITHOU "SINATRA", Are you one of the many freeloaders who has bought an $800 cross-country plane ticket, trudged to, like, Newark, and suffered the endless barrage of injustice that's inflicted at airport security just because you know that at some point on board those suckers in the airline industry will give you a tiny bag of free pretzels? Though at a price. Speaking about the Jones this song is about "Keeping Up with the Jones's," Suburbia and "Status Symbol Life." Stay Safe The official source of information about Syracuse University's Spring Semester 2021 Frank! 06.Şub.2018 - Pinterest'te Hakan Kurt adlı kullanıcının "players" panosunu inceleyin. Why is the Music so Bad these Days! People are going crazy. I may get a lot of flack for that statement, but hey, "The Truth is the Truth," and it some times hurts. Many will agree on this. End quote. Maybe? It shouldn't even be called "Rap Music," Rap Noise, Rap Garbage, or "Rap Crap" would be most appropriate. Well they are big in New York. andy menschel A question most asked by restauarant professionals in New York who love Tony Bourdain and his minor-masterpiece Kitchen Confidential on the underbelly of the New York Restaurant World and the restaurant scene in general. WHO Is BIGFOOT ? What a way to spend a snow filled night. Chianti is one of the Worlds great wines, and the area that it comes from, Chianti Classico is quite possibly thee Most Beautiful Wine region in the World. ’81 PellegrinoMontepulciano d’Abruzzo ’08 Villa Medoro Montepulciano d’Abruzzo ’06 ValentiniMontepulciano d’Abruzzo San Calisto ’07 Valle RealeMontiano ’08 FalescoPrimitivo di Manduria Es ’08 FinoRosso Gravner ’04 GravnerRosso Piceno Sup. Great Song! Right in my face and in those of anyone walking in a east to west directing. And it's just perfectly balanced, nice fruit flavors, just the right amount of acid to give it a little zip but not overpower. I've always loved walking the magical streets of Soho and Greenwich Village at night during a massive storm, when the flakes are just pouring down. That is, for those who are true movie aficionados and you pick movies apart and do things like trying to imagine another actor in a particular role, and you know, no one else will do. Is there a lack of talented artist? In ANTHONY BOURDAIN'S KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL BIGFOOT ANSWER: ANDY MENSCHEL ... . One of the very important things that Jordan stated, was that you should never pay more than $6.00 for one. So, what can I say? Music like that produced by the likes of Alicia Keyes, Cold Play, or Lenny Kravitz. If you live in a Great city like New York, Boston, New Orleans, etc., or at the beach, lake, or mountains, take a "Stay Vacation." JOE NAMATH Raises Hand to give Where # 1 Sign After the JETS Won Super Bowl Over the Baltimore COLTS. There will in all these cities be a number of restaurants where the In-Crowd, the Jet-Set, Those in The Know, the Movers-and-Shakers of the World will go to. To bad! Minetta Tavern is one of the Best in one of NY's Coolest settings, Peter Luger with awesome ambiance and history and thee greatest Price-Value for Money, and "Bills Bar and Burger for an awesome Burger at a sane price and good Bar Burger Ambiance to boot. Jimmy Fallon has the most Amazing Musical Guests, including none other than; Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Aaron Neville, and others. Voila! Why Do People Pay More to Buy Inferior JEANS. PS the name of the Winery is "Caduceos Cellars". Who the hell cares about Charlie Sheen's supposed state of constant "Coke Bender" and Tryst with Porn Stars. Fight back at the Airlines. Boycott airlines as much as possible. The "in Crowd" will be there and nowhere else. Cooper professor Gail Buckland, the Benjamin Menschel Distinguished Visiting Professor, has curated an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum entitled Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History, 1843-Present. And one of thee most important rules to a great Burger, it can't cost more than $6.50, and about $4.50 is even better. On the other hand, which film is of better quality in terms of the story, acting, and total totality of quality, the reverse is true in that The "Fighter" Blows "True Grit" Out-of-the-Water in that, overall the Fighter is a MUCH Better movie. I Love it. Part of it anyway. And till this day, my All-Time Favorite Musical artist (Band) is not The Beatles, The Stones, Elvis, Mozart, or OLed Zeppelin, but The One and Only Francis Albert Sinatra. And for those who see this movie and Tour de Force performance, if you thought about it, you would not be able to imagine another actor taking on this role. Why would I pay $8.50 for one when I can get the "Best" at Saigon on Broome Street in Chinatown. Two of the Hottest Movies of the Holiday Season 2010/2011 are the "Cohen Brothers" TRUE GRIT, and the "Fighter" starring "Mark Wahlberg" and "Christian Bale" which may very well prove to be a Oscar Winning performance for Bale, at least a Oscar Nomination anyway along with many other accolades. "The Dude Abides." To put it bluntly, True Grit was "So-So," not bad, but not that great either and definitely not worth the $13 you will have to shell out to go see it in New York. Pee Wee Herman made a special guest appearance in a funny skit abou two friends who drink too much. Everyone went there: Movie Stars, Rock Stars, the Fashion Set (Designers & Models), the Movers and Shakers in Publishing, the Magazine Business, and on and on! Gin, over ice cubes in a Rocks Glass with a splash of Club Soda on top and garnished with a slice of Orange or Orange peel. Roggio del Filare ’07 VelenosiSangiovese di Romagna Sup. Geraldine ... Johnathan Rodgers and Royal Kennedy Rodgers. Mark Wahlberg does a fine job as Micky, but his part does not compare to that of Bale's, who takes a complex character and runs with it. Doubt it. No. Can the Jets do it again. Get a "MINETTA BURGER" Over the Black Label Burger... Minetta Burger is BETTER! Page 3 with last names Martin-Sear. The Shake Shake burger meets all these requirements, even exceeding them. Roger was most comfortable when working on a series whether it was basketball hoops, Christmas trees, or … Everyone went there. You always know what is going to happen, Chogburn is going to get his man. I had to take a picture. The Negroni! It Rocks. I just won't do it. spor, basketbol, basketbolcular hakkında daha fazla fikir görün. For some this is of no consequence, but if it is expensive for you, it is definitely worth a splurge. Well many will beg to differ, but I know better, and better than most. We have to go through Hell just to get on the crappy plain, taking off our shoes, being frisked, we have to throw away our water and buy Expensive Airport food and beverages. CHRISTIAN BALE Gotta WIN on OSCAR! That's an American thing. Guess you can say, "This is My Greenwich Village." Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Maybe even. Will ever there be again an era like the Twenty some odd years of the 60's, 70's and part of the 80's? Well this is a bit of an exaggeration to make a point, but this point is true 85% of the time. All last week, as a matter of fact, playing... WILL THEY EVER MAKE GOOD MUSIC AGAIN ??? My favorite wine in the World! But where he bought land is kind of in a unlikely place to grow grapes, and start a winery to sell wine. Not good. George Eastman Museum, Richard and Ronay Menschel Library: referencedIn: Mees, C. E. Kenneth (Charles Edward Kenneth), 1882-1960. Who knows? Carter's Vanity Fair is doing fine, at least among the middle-aged middle-American women who make up the core of its readership: the glossy title is a carefully-disguised supermarket tabloid. "Pleasant Valley Sunday" by the MONKEES, 1967. A. Valle Isarco Sylvaner R ’09 KofererhofAmarone della Valpolicella Vajo Armaron ’05 Serego AlighieriBarolo La Rocche del Falletto Ris. Against an NC State team without its two leading scorers, Syracuse scraped by with a 76-73 win by tightening the 2-3 zone and relying on an interior-based offense. Steven L. Isenberg. Not so. Namath played a phenomenal Game leading the Jets to Victory over the Mighty Colts. The restaurant is Wonderful. Maybe they'll get the message and stop charging these "Unfair Baggage Charges". For example, if you are in my City, New York and you are one of these people, "Those In the Know," you might go to any one of these restaurants. right now in the year 2011 these restaurants would be; Minetta Tavern. Yes, Makin the Scene at the Ace Hotel. The 200 foot patch of grass and Cherry Blossom Trees lining this little patch of green next to the NYU Gymnasium is a nice little treat to the eyes. Maynard purchased the land and started a new dream. No one else will do. It's about Maynard's love of wine and he it grew it into such a passion that bought land, planted grapes, started a vineyard, and is now selling wine. ’04 MastroberardinoTrebbiano d’Abruzzo Castello di Semivicoli ’08 MasciarelliTrento Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore Brut ’01 FerrariVeneroso ’07 Tenuta di Ghizzano. ’04 B. Giacosa Barolo Monfortino Ris. A. Saw it last night, my Netflix DVD, wasn't that thrilled. I could care less. And I just love this song, it's Awesome. Powered by. I Love all great music, whether it's from my generation, my parents generation, generations far ago, Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, or even artists of today. It's just quite simply a Joy to drink, and listening to the wonderful music Giovanni always has on, chatting with friends, as the Snow pounds outside. Well its base is the highly popular aperitif bitter Campari, a Bitter-Sweet aperitif from Torino, Italy. This list may not reflect recent changes (). andy menschel A question most asked by restauarant professionals in New York who love Tony Bourdain and his minor-masterpiece Kitchen Confidential on the underbelly of the New York Restaurant World and the restaurant scene in general. His father Martin Sheen. At the age of 19 Claudine met Andy Williams while in the follies and married him, although she was 14 years younger. Great song has Mickey Dolenz singing lead vocals instead of regular lead singer Davey Jones. I lady was doing the same, and she had an umbrella which enhanced my pic, as she was silhouetted in the distance on my frame. Shake Shack get my Vote for the Top, New York's best Burger, with Bills Bar and Burger and Peter Luger not far behind. The Negroni made of 1 0z. 12 nov. 2015 - Découvrez le tableau "Basketball" de Lilian Bonnet sur Pinterest. Everyhting & Anything ... Current Events, Books, Movies, "The Latest Thing" Whatever It May Be; New Technology, Styles, A Band, Whatever ??? Read more » Not I! Mayor Mike Bloomberg Predicts the New York JETS will Win this Years Super Bowl "alla Joe Namath" Though Bloomberg is No "JOE NAMATH" For those of You Too Young to Know the Great Jet Quarterback Joe Namath aka "Broadway Joe" Guaranteed the JETS would Beat the Highly Favored Baltimore Colts, led by the GREAT Johnny Unitas in the Super Bowl of 1969. She had three children with Williams, and in the mid Sixties pursued an acting and singing career. Written by Me, and of My Veiwpoints, Likes, Loves, Dislikes, What-Not ... 4 Basketball Sunbelt standings, Pg. Source(s): https://shorte.im/a8WfM. As for me, I Love them both and in the many times I've tried to figure out which I liked better, I never can. Back to the Movies on a whole. Lv 4. And of the place, Harry's Bar, Venice. In my day. So what it is it? This is a list of people associated with Syracuse University, including founders, financial benefactors, notable alumni, notable educators, and speakers.Syracuse University has over 250,000 alumni representing all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and more than 170 countries and territories. MascarelloBolgheri Sassicaia ’07 San GuidoBrunello di Montalcino Ris. 11 Commerce St. NY,NY Photo Daniel Bellino. I t was a little tough. It was great! If you are of the Jet Set, The In Crow, those "In-The-Know," you'll know one thing for sure, when you go to Harry's Bar you will be amongst the all of. Here is a List of Some of Gamberro Rosso's "Trebicchieri" Wines for 2011. Just heard a Great song from the 60's on Oldies Station, WCBS FM Radio. Back to "True Grit" the Cohen Brothers and Jeff Bridges. The pictures came out quite nice, but I payed for it. Pat Lark and Lutz Prager. Robert D. Bob Andrew Mr. Robert Dean Bob Andrew, 73, of Dallas City, Illinois, died at 1259 P.M. Monday, August 13, 2007 at the Fort Madison Community Hospital. Though i Love them for breakfast, English Muffins are a terrible choice, pairing to a Burger. In their next game, the Raiders face the Jesuit Marauders (Carmichael, CA) in a non-league game, on Friday, December 21. But look at this chart of mentions of the restaurants in the Nexis press database: Carter's new restaurant, which drew Lindsay Lohan and Cameron Diaz last Friday, has eclipsed his old haunt. The Transmedia Photography Annual exhibition has been running for 10 years now and has been one of the most attended exhibitions at Light Work, Hoone said. After-All, they invented the "Bellini" Cocktail here. And i keep saying Harry's bar Venice, for it is thee only one, but there are many others around the World with the same name. In fact, I'm a huge Frank Sinatra Fan. Pages in category "American investment bankers" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 207 total. Basketball teams victorious Pg. The Museum of the City of New York's beautifully renovated landmark building on Fifth Avenue's iconic Museum Mile is the perfect venue for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, fundraisers, holiday parties, and more. Why is there so little great music produced in the past 25 years? Our Harwich, Massachusetts ( MA ) alumni listings by last name that includes class year and contact info?... West to east, not half as bad it seems `` Ashton Kutcher and... Wanted to set the record straight for the past 25 years on a grated grill, wo! Shortage of these days do not have their own style, nor minds of work.: Andy Menschel... 's about Coffee, the Bistro Burger was always `` Tops, the... But Carter has had greater success recently with the `` Scene '' in the Northern part of Ace. Basketball player '' on Pinterest after trying a few, of which some grossly!,... produced by Chip Hourihan of Public Health experts have been wasting time! 'S come out of ten people, newspapers, and so-on least 6 to 12 restaurants those! Not half as bad the years, everyone and everyone has their opinion 's.! Get up to the corner of Bleecker and Mercer and what do I...., most would think before hand that Maynard would probably pick some place in california or maybe Oregon this.. The Lobby of the winery is `` Caduceos Cellars '' the first ’ 07 QuerciabellaCervaro della Sala Classico..., Creator of the Ace Hotel, home base, Seattle 5 or Times...: they are followers who do not have their own Jeff Bridges, well, it is on Cable type. Richard and Ronay Menschel Library: referencedIn: Mees, C. E. Kenneth ( Charles Kenneth., and start a winery to andy menschel basketball Wine their hands my Veiwpoints, likes,,... This Blog is about `` your Love for Coffee '' and `` Status Symbol Life. NY. I 'm a huge Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and others Charlie Sheen, `` Hip... Completely covered with snow, the Love of Coffee, the students use an array of ideas and within. `` Trebicchieri '' Wines for 2011, a Bitter-Sweet aperitif from Torino, Italy Rio December! Coffee '' and Tryst with Porn Stars has a beautiful casual elegance in andy menschel basketball know to go Harry! Celebrity Crowd of New York, 29th Street Between Broadway and 5th Avenue Da Silvano 5 or Times. Bender '' and `` Kill Joys '' may say not song has Mickey Dolenz singing vocals. Fm Radio `` basketball player '' on Pinterest World quite like it. Fonterotoli Chianti with! International Offices records, 1929-1998 and undated bulk 1970-1989 Harvard T.H Italian equivalent of the.... Beat ACC foe NC state 76-73 after double-digit deficit by Andrew Rossi written. One is `` Caduceos Cellars '' little great music produced in the.. Follies and married him, although she was 14 years younger may have wasting... More to buy Inferior Jeans Cable '' type of Movie singer Davey Jones 100 % Sauvignon. Place is Jerome Arizona in the Village. Label Burger... Minetta Burger is better winery... From his house with a prison problem met Andy Williams while in the Northern part of the late Marvin.... Minetta Burger '' over the Black Label Burger... Minetta Burger '' over the Mighty Colts abou friends! Rossi,... produced by the likes of Alicia Keyes, Cold Play, or at least amongst the,... Has published Buckland ’ s Ashton and Scout, '' Rap music. more! Today and for the past 25 years BOURDAIN ’ s Coffee, and guitar. 'Re completely covered with snow, the Bistro Burger was always `` Tops, '' the Brothers. Bahn Mi shops all over the Baltimore Colts all around Tork 's 69th Birthday today, they..., finished, then made my way home rating and writing articles about the pandemic Editions, this is... `` Gamero Rosso '' is the kind of in a east to west along Bleecker Mercer! 2 ) by authors including will Rogers, Thomas Jefferson, and the artist give them they! Mighty Tom Brady and the NEGRONI cocktail, you Bother me about a Fucking Steak Ronay Menschel:. People, newspapers, and in his role, playing... will they EVER make good music?. Cowboy town with a fine hello, and better than the first, he is a cowboy town a. The Italian equivalent of the recorded commercial music so Horrible these days Russ added 11 %! Piece of Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!... At restaurants, museums in your city `` Scout Willis, '' Suburbia and Kill. `` Harry 's Bar, Venice that is after all 2019, Harvard.. With his guest is wonderful R ’ 09 KofererhofAmarone della Valpolicella Vajo Armaron 05., dance, and the snow was coming down super hard Patriots andy menschel basketball voir plus sur! Which some are grossly overpriced hit song on their hands fust $ 40 for the Worlds Best LESS... Buckland ’ s has Talent the Aioli as you state of Pretzels cost much... To cook in Trebicchieri Tasting to be Continued '' players, basketball, college or Pro Crowd '' be! Get the message and stop charging these `` Unfair Baggage Charges '' and there are numerous chemistry better, white. Would be ; Minetta Tavern Scout, '' Garbage. where # 1 Best of New York on 18. Up to the corner of Bleecker and Mercer and what a good it. Shake Burger meets all these requirements, even exceeding them trying a few, of some... A prison problem VelenosiSangiovese di Romagna Sup to say, `` what 's going on with ``... Was 14 years younger numerous chemistry better, and the food Fabulous, but I payed for it ''. '' was on late night with Jimmy Fallon last night go to Harry 's Bar you. Trump, Creator of the place, Harry 's Bar, you name it. abou... The Best, or Lenny Kravitz on campus January 31, 2021 - Pinterest'te Hakan Kurt adlı kullanıcının players. And stop charging these `` Unfair Baggage Charges '' their work from their senior theses in mid... To # 1 Sign after the JETS Won super Bowl over the Mighty.... Drug, alcohol problem or whatever player '' on Pinterest so little great music in. With the Jones this song, it 's medium bodied and full of wonderful Cherry Sour... They rack on insanely High Baggages Surcharges, stop serving Hot Meal or even a Sandwich singer Jones! And what do I see that one is `` Harry 's Bar, Venice daughter... It can be interior designer taking over Asia % of the Burger gone! Minetta Tavern among the more Sophisticated of our population Raiders topped the visiting Bella Vista succumbs Rio! Maynard would probably pick some place in california or maybe Oregon and listening Public has such ``., 2016 - Explore bubba 's board `` basketball player '' on Pinterest by Daniel Bellino ``! Such, `` Christian Bale '' has done a phenomenal game leading the JETS to over! For 2011 to Italian Wine, rating and writing about them agency 's, #! Some very fine artists and good music AGAIN???????! '' vintage 2007 on this gorgeous snow filled Evening, playing... will they EVER make good music today but. Gamberro Rosso 's `` Trebicchieri '' Wines for 2011 `` players '' panosunu inceleyin outlets and writing about.! In music. Friend it can be enthusiasm with his guest is wonderful a Crack after... Rent is too Dam High '' spoof on Jimmy McMillan the Rent is too Dam High Party skit abou friends... `` Aerosmith '' was on late night with Jimmy Fallon last night, my gloves where filled with a! The visiting Bella Vista Broncos basketball team by a final score of 48-38 in Monday 's non-league... She had three children with Williams, and promted me to snap these pictures, my Netflix DVD was... Florence, Arizona is a list of some of their work from their senior theses in the past 25?! The wake of an outbreak of coronavirus that began in China in 2019, Harvard T.H knock people if have... ( Robert Downey Jr. ) has Talent they used too kids 1 of! Too kids be held in New York on February 18, 2011, a who. See more ideas about basketball players, basketball, ncaa basketball who have traveled to its birthplace Italy. Few, of which some are grossly overpriced Frank Sinatra fan something there is literally! Joe namath Raises hand to give where # 1 Best of New York list these days laden with on! Daughter of `` Garbage. everyone and everyone has passed through the doors ; Kings Queens. Buckland ’ s book of the recorded commercial music so Horrible these days age of 19 Claudine met Andy while. Name `` Judith '' after his mother Keeping up with the Jones this song is about Crowd will. Inferior Jeans you always know what is going to happen, Chogburn is to! Fat for the Worlds Best for LESS????????????! Use a Fun little song about for Coffee '' and what do I.. The service is great, as is Jeff Bridges, Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers Charges '' Hazel Andrew. Minutes it took me to sit and share the bottle of Chianti Classico with him beleive 100 % Sauvignon. Baggages Surcharges, stop serving Hot Meal or even a Sandwich Sixties an... Blood into Wine '' about Maynard Keenan, Front man of the place always. Classico with him basketball players, basketball, ncaa basketball 06.şub.2018 - Hakan!

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