New Look criticised for imposing ‘fat tax’ on plus-size clothing New Look's Green Stripe Tres Jolie Slogan T-Shirt is being sold online for … Discover our full range of women's, men's and kids' clothing and accessories. I just wish they would do a better job. While the common "Fat-Tax" debate applies to the idea of unhealthy foods that contribute toward obesity, this argument tailors toward clothing.m Along with this example, there are many others where Big and Tall clothes are more expensive.Big and Tall stores are usually more expensive, and when I say Big and Tall I do not mean JCPenny's. Buy online and collect in-store. Anonymous: … I used to work in the fashion industry. New Look reviews clothing prices amid 'fat tax' row. Anonymous: I'm overweight and understand they need to charge for extra material and sizing up costs. Anonymous: So much BS on this thread. The company’s name is New Look. The newlywed ended up losing 135 pounds to fit into her dream wedding dress. At the intersection of fashion and body politics in India this month, the ‘fat tax’ took center stage. Fat tax, sounds like something you’d have on a sugary drink or something that’s not healthy for you. This has caused many arguments. The fabric and fitting is the cheapest part. This was discovered when a shopper found that larger pants were 15% more than the same ones in a smaller size. Subject: “Fat Tax” on clothing. Some people are calling it a “fat tax”. New Look have inflated the prices on some of their plus-size clothing and left the regular sizes at a lower price. 07/23/2020 13:25 Subject: “Fat Tax” on clothing. Anonymous: A "fat tax" is what some countries and institutions place on certain unhealthy food items — think butter, cheese, pizza, and basically anything delicious — in order to dissuade people from buying those items and opt for healthier, cheaper alternatives. 07/21/2020 11:34 Subject: “Fat Tax” on clothing. “Imagine clothing brands charging higher prices for bigger sizes in 2020,” journalist Aishwarya Subramanyam posted on her Instagram story, from where local fashion watchdog Diet Sabya picked up the conversation that has now snowballed into a conversation demanding … The customers are angry because the retail store had been selling plus-size clothing for more money than smaller clothing. Date: May 31, 2018 Author: Learn With News 1 Comment. In this video, I discuss an article written on by Ari Bines regarding if there is a fat tax in America. Subject: “Fat Tax” on clothing. However, this was peoples take on the new pricing structure at struggling retail giant, New Look. The clothing chain New Look has been criticised for selling larger sizes with a more expensive price-tag than the same clothing … By Rebecca Marston Business reporter, BBC News. Mary Jane O'Toole is calling out the "fat tax" on plus-size women's clothing. A Clothing Company is Criticised for ‘Fat Tax’ – Level 3. Charging extra for plus is just an up sell. Level 1 | Level 2| Level 3.